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Case Study – TIKD – blubeta

case study



A web application that changes the way users handle traffic tickets. Upload
a picture of your ticket and never worry about it again. Tikd offers a no
points guarantee and the peace of mind that your citation is taken care of.


Users were having a hard time understanding what to do, and what exactly
they were signing up for. Drop off rates beyond their first screen were at an
all time low. The user experience was slow and hard to navigate.

The challenge was in finding an intuitive flow that would allow users to
checkout in 2 minutes or less with a high conversion rate.

• Low CTR

• Low conversions

• Poor UX

• Over engineered technology that caused sluggish client responsiveness

• No technology partner

• No admin access to edit and manage accounts

We came to the conclusion that clunky onboarding stood in the way of a pleasant user experience. Redesigning the onboarding and purchasing process to evoke a sense of ease and friendliness was key in our approach.

We streamlined the process and implemented technology that aided the user, like OCR to automatically fill out forms. Straightforward prompts and minimal user input contributed to a seamless experience from start to finish.

An amazing front-end experience is only possible with a robust technology solution backing it. Therefore, we created an architecture that allowed the site to operate seamlessly and provided the flexibility it needed in order to scale.

What services we provided
• Development of full web application from scratch
• Development of the Admin portal
• Initial product launch and iterations over the course of a year.


Conversion rates more than doubled to 29%.
Checkout time decreased significantly.
Helped secure their first round of funding.
Streamlined customer service via administrative tooling.
Increased visibility into marketing metrics.