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Case Study – Watsco – blubeta

case study



Watsco Inc is the largest distributor of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment and related parts and supplies in the United States.


Being an enterprise that needs to have high availability across on-premise and cloud infrastructures presents a unique set of circumstances to assure that the right code set is running.  Managing different release channels and being able to monitor and alert was imperative for these mission-critical applications.

Looking to establish an automated CI process from PR’s to Production

Gain visibility into mission-critical systems and micro applications across 3 major subsidiaries with on-prem servers


• Trimming down excess containers
• Remove unnecessary interdependencies
• Streamline Jenkins deployment processes via Pipeline
• Break nested dependencies for docker images
• Knowledge transfer

What services we provided
• Container build and deployment Auditing
• Server provisioning
• Add monitoring and escalation layer to deployments
• Automated API Health monitoring


Streamlined deployment processes
• Implemented and modified existing APIs to increase the efficiency of new feature deployments.
• Developed features to have improved user experience.
• Modified infrastructure to allow for Continuous integration
• Continuous iterations over the course of 4 years